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Aww Shucks!

You want to know about lil ole me!

Well, caregiver, I am honored to share my caregiving journey with you.

I’m Kristin – partner, team member, caregiver, and dog mom!

My goal is to support young caregivers on their journeys balancing multiple life roles and challenges with caregiving in the mix.

My caregiving journey started in December 2017 and after years of feeling alone as a young caregiver, I began seeking resources that could help me. This year I decided to create The Role Reversal to share my knowledge, experience, creativity, and caregiving resources that I LOVE.



My mom was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s in the middle of 2017; by December, she had to disability retire from her teaching position due to concerns that her memory could impact children’s safety. 

At that time, my mom jumped into a clinical trial provided by a university research clinic. 

I began my caregiving journey, talking mom to medical appointments, researching options, thinking about the future and what her care would look like. 

I was an activity director for a skilled nursing facility (SNF) at the time, so I thought my experience with dementia there would give me a leg up. Boy, was I WRONG! It is so different when it is your family. 

I’m what I would call a

     Secondary Caregiver

My dad is the primary caregiver for my mom. He is in the thick of it day in and day out while also trying to run his own business. 

As the secondary caregiver my role is to support my dad as much as possible in all aspects. I assist with primary caregiving duties, check on my dad’s stress, provide respite care, and monitor my dad’s physical and mental health. 

Secondary caregiving is a weird role as a millennial. I’m in the middle of everything, sometimes making caregiving and life a little more challenging. 

I decided to start a blog

Before the blog I thought I would write a book. So I drafted a few chapters on my Mac. I outlined chapters and and began drafting.

One day my partner pointed out that if I had a blog, then I could help others now instead of years from now.

Helping people is my jam!

And so I transitioned from book to blog with the goal that I could share knowledge about the health care system, create resources that I wish I had when I started my caregiving journey, connect others to resources that are out there for young caregivers, and most importantly provide support for my under 40 caregivers out there to let you know you are not alone.

I created The Role Reversal, using a name that identifies a young caregiver’s journey; becoming a parent to your parent and changing roles for the future.

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Full Transparency Time

So here’s the thing, I want to be fully open and honest with all caregivers that visit this blog. I want to share the good the bad and the ugly as they say.

All that said, I am from a very small town, where everybody knows everybody and they can’t wait to get into each others’ business.

To protect my mom’s privacy and dignity, I will not be share pictures of her face. Nor will I be showing pictures of my family’s faces or my own. Maybe one day but not today.

The las thing I want is to share a caregiving reality like bathroom barriers and have it end up as the latest gossip all over my town.

And I know what some of you are thinking, Kristin you are just a wee little blog on the world wide web. To that, I say never underestimate a nosy neighbor.

My promise to you is that I WILL do my best to share cropped no-face images with all of you showing what my caregiving journey is like. I will also include some awesome stock photos because who has a blog without pictures!

I hope as caregivers you all can understand this decision.

How Can I Help You

All honesty I am not a doctor or a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of each disease. I am a caregiver under 40 trying to find a balance with my life, my roles, and secondary caregiving.

It has taken me about four years to get to a place where I am comfortable with this new role of caregiving. Yes after four years it does still feel new.

I want to share my experience. What worked for me and what didn’t work. Caregiving is a lot of throwing spaghetti at the wall. Hopefully, with the resources I provide and the experiences I share, you will only need to throw the spaghetti once or twice instead of the 10  times like I did.

I can help you because I have been there. I have made mistakes. I have had the crumby doctor’s visits and had to figure out what our next step is. I have felt the caregiver selflessness, fatigue, sacrafice, burnout, and joy.

Most importantly I want you to know you are not alone. Caregiving takes a village. Let me help you start one.

What Can You Do?

Join The Role Reversal Community.

Sign up to get free resources that I have created. It is super easy and so helpful.

I made resources that I wish I had when I started and that I am using right now to support my mom. They have helped keep my family organized, managed diet, provided activities, and gave me the confidence needed as a caregiver.