The Humor of Alzheimer’s: Lost Phone

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Hi caregivers! This is my first post about the humor you can find in Alzheimer’s. There are many Alzheimer’s moments that are sad and heartbreaking. But every once in awhile caregivers and Alzheimer’s loved ones get the chance to share humor as part of this disease.

I first started finding the humor in Alzheimer’s after listening to a video from Hilarity for Charity – one of my favorite resources as a young caregiver. The video was with Sean Hayes from Will and Grace. As Sean told his own experience as an Alzheimer’s caregiver and the funny moments that caregivers learn to embrace it became my approach to tackle Alzheimer’s by finding humor. And a new blog category is born!

Caregiving Task: Phone Duty

If you have read other posts like Caregiving at 30 or How We Found Out My Mom Had Alzheimer’s then you may know that I am a millennial Alzheimer’s second support caregiver – wow that is a mouthful. My dad is the primary caregiver and I support him and help take care of my mom. One of my regular tasks is calling my mom on the phone to check in and break up her day since she is home alone while my dad and I both work. FYI check out my <Impact of a Phone Call> post to help bring joy to your loved one.

Anyhoo it is a Saturday and I am on phone duty because my dad is picking up decoys in a rice field in the middle of nowhere and will not be able to check-in. My mom is home alone so I will call her a couple of times in the afternoon. This is a normal task for me.

Where is your phone?

I’m on call two, calling about an hour a part to check on my mom. The call is going wellish. My mom has a habit of holding the phone away from her mouth so I have to strain to hear what she is saying because she sounds distant.

She asks me to help her find something that has been misplaced. We try to navigate through that and ultimately end in or normal spot, add it to my list to help her find it the next time I am home. Then all of a sudden my mom sounds really distant. She is still talking to me but I can barely hear her. I tell her, “I can’t hear you please put your phone to your ear.”

Her distant response, “What phone?”

“Your cell phone.”


“Mom where is your cell phone?”

“I don’t know”

“Can you see it?”

Even more distant, “No, I don’t know where it is?”

“Can you hear me on it?”

“I can year you. Where are you?”

What is happening??? She just lost her cell phone while we were talking. How does that happen? How did she do it? I go with the only response I can think of, I hang up and call her back. As it is ringing I look at my boyfriend, “She lost her phone while she was talking on it.” He starts laughing, only my mom.

She answers, “hello, Kristin?” “Hi Mom, did you find your phone?” “Yea I found it.” “Good.”

And we continued on like nothing happened.

What Are Your Funny Stories?

After I hung up, I knew I could respond with sadness. To know my mom has progressed and lost her communication. She continues to lose simple abilities. I chose to find the humor at the moment. Why? Because my caregiving journey would be really depressing if I didn’t. Do any of you have Alzheimer’s humor stories? Write me a comment below. Share your story so we can all have a moment to find the humor in Alzheimer’s together.

If you want to hear more about my Alzheimer’s humor moments with my mom check out the Alzheimer’s Humor category on the blog.

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