The Humor of Alzheimer’s: Silly Superhero Mom

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Okay, role reversers, this is a good one. Another Alzheimer’s humor story staring my mother. The beautiful, wonderful, and amazing woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about three years ago. Once again, my mom has shown that in the painstaking and heartbreaking signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, laughter can be the best medicine. For more Alzheimer’s humor, check out my Humor of Alzheimer’s: Lost Phone post.

The Christmas Shawl

My mom and I tend to feel cold, like all the time, unless it is high 90’s or triple digits, we are cold. To fight this freezing feeling, I found this amazing heated USB shawl on Amazon (I am not an Amazon affiliate). I mostly used it while working from home, but I could plug the USB remote into my computer or portable battery pack, and the shawl would warm up like an electric blanket. On top of that, just wearing the shawl without the heated feature warmed me up in just a few minutes. It is AMAZING!

I made the mistake of taking the shawl with me when I was working from my parents’ house one day. My mom instantly fell in love and attempted to steal it multiple times. When I came home that night to tell my boyfriend, he instantly got on Amazon and ordered my mom her own as a Christmas present.

Christmas day came and she was beyond excited.

Becoming A Superhero

Christmas comes and goes, and the days continue as normal. I am at my parents’ house for the weekend doing that young caregiver thing that we all do. My mom and I are in her bedroom swapping tops because she no longer wants to wear the one she has on. Anyone else’s loved one do this?

As I am showing my mom different top options, she exclaims, “Oh my cape! Have you seen my cape!” I tell her yes, my boyfriend bought it for her for Christmas. She tells me it is the best. She then proceeds to put the shawl – now cape- on. My mom is a gifted chested woman, so the image of her bra only, cape, jeans, and a grin from ear to ear were priceless. I tell her to go show my dad because I can’t resist getting his reaction.

My mom catwalks out to my dad to show him. Dad giggles and says, “Honey, your boobs hang out!” Mom’s response, “This is my cape. I am Batman. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!” She extends the cape out like she is flying and smiles like a 6-year-old boy playing superheroes. We all start laughing. It is a moment of pure joy and silliness. It is a moment of Alzheimer’s humor. From this moment forward, the shawl is a cape, and my mom is Batwoman whenever she wears it.

Share Your Alzheimer’s Humor

Connect with me! Share your Alzheimer’s humor in the comments below. Let us join together and laugh at the funny moments, although they may be few, that Alzheimer’s has brought us. I would love to hear from you.

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