Tile® and Alzheimer’s – A Great Solution

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Hey caregivers! I want to share a product that I have been using with my mom for a couple of years. My mom might hold the record for misplaced items – read my Alzheimer’s Humor: Lost Phone post for just a glimpse of how great she is at misplacing things.

My mom was misplacing things before we found out my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (also a post 😉 ). Keys, purse, phone, and wallet are by far the most commonly misplaced items in our household. We were always looking for these items. In the early days, they were easy enough to find, but things became a lot easier when I bought my mom a Tile.

Ruby Red Tile purchased from tile.com
Ruby Red Tile purchased at tile.com

Using Tile

My mom’s first Tiles were a combo pack. The pack included the original versions of the Tile Mate and the original Tile Slim. We key-chained one to my mom’s purse, one to her keys, and stuck one to her tablet (what she wanted). Once we loaded the Tile App on her phone, that became a tile as well.

At this stage, my mom’s problem-solving skills were still pretty intact. She understood how the process worked. If she had her phone, she could find her purse, keys, or tablet. If she had one of the other items, she could find her phone. For those of you who don’t know, each Tile has a button on it; when you push the button, it will use Bluetooth to connect with your phone. If you hold the button down, your phone will begin to ring and continue to ring until you find it and hit the I found the item button. The phone will ring even on silent mode!

On the opposite end, if you have your phone and open the Tile App, you can see all the items that have a tile on them. If you are within range, you can make the Tile sing. You turn off the sound once you find the article by clicking the Tile button. If you are not in range, the Tile App will tell you the last place you were nearby.

My mom used the heck out of this! She would say things like, ” I can’t find my phone, oh where is my Tile.” She would click her purse Tile, and the phone would start ringing from another room in the house. She loved her Tile. No more misplaced items!

Tile and Alzheimer’s

As Alzheimer’s has progressed, my mom’s problem-solving skills have declined quite a bit. She can no longer process how the Tile works and function the program on her own. That has not stopped us from using Tile.

The progression of Alzheimer’s has increased the misplaced item count and creativity. I’m talking purses in dresser drawers and wallets found under the bathroom sink. All found, thanks to Tile!

Instead of my mom functioning the app, I run the Tile program from my phone with her login information. I also added the app to my dad’s phone, and of course, if we have mom’s phone, we show her how to run the tile program. This has saved my dad and me so much stress and anxiety.

Hiding the tile slim in my mom’s wallet

I bought the newest Tile Slim because it looks like a credit card. My mom has been taking all the cards out of her wallet, rubber banding them together, and sticking them in different locations in the house. It has taken us days to find the cards in the junk drawer, between the mattress and box springs, and one time they were in a nail carrier bag, in her closet, under dirty clothes. While she hasn’t bundled since adding the Tile with her credit cards, I hope that if this happens again, our magic Tile will lead us the right to where the cards are. I have already used it once and found my mom’s wallet tucked away in her sock drawer and found her purse in a cabinet in the laundry room. We also used Tile to find out my mom left her purse and her phone at a family friend’s house.

To my family, Tile is totally worth the investment as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver.

Try Tile

Have any of you tried Tile? If you are interested, click on any of the links in this post, and it will take you to the website. If you have tried Tile with an Alzheimer’s or dementia loved one, how has it worked for you? Do you have questions about Tile, ask away in the comments below. Seriously I want to hear from all of you!

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